If you're hoping to experience something new in Bali, or if you're keen to learn a little more about the rich culture and history of the island, why not do so through art? Hotel Indigo invites you to ditch the beach and the overly crowded tourist spots for an inspiring journey of art in and around the neighborhood of Seminyak. Continue to #staysurprised as you discover some of the best art Bali has to offer, and be inspired as you uncover refreshingly local insights through art in the neighbourhood. We begin the moment you check-in at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach.Street art murals in the neighborhood of Seminyak.

Experiencing art in Seminyak begins right at the doorstep of Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. Each and every element of the hotel is deeply influenced by local art, culture and history of the Seminyak neighbourhood, from the design and structure of the property. In particular, the Songket, the traditional yet luxurious brocade textile in Indonesia, influences many aspects of the design and art found in the hotel. In local language Songket means 'to hook' which reflects the intricate process of weaving by hand different coloured threads into silk to create geometric patterns on the fabric. You'll easily recognise the familiar patterns of the Songket art in all forms in the property, from sprawling murals in rooms to the handcrafted furnishings around the hotel.

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